Hydrogen Europe

Hydrogen Europe is propelling global carbon neutrality by accelerating European hydrogen industry.

Hydrogen Europe brings together diverse industry players, large companies and SMEs, who support the delivery of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies. We do this to enable the adoption of an abundant and reliable energy which efficiently fuels Europe’s low carbon economy.

We represent the European hydrogen and fuel cell sector (as per April 2021):

  • 260+ companies
  • 27 National Associations

Our structure

General Assembly

It is the main governing body of Hydrogen Europe and it is composed of all Full Members that meet twice per year.


The Board is the strategic steer of
Hydrogen Europe and it is currently composed of nine members of the Industry pillar and two from the Association pillar. From July 2021 onwards, it will include ten members of the industry pillar and two from the association pillar.


Hydrogen Europe has currently 21 team members the majority of which are based in Brussels. 


Why should you join?

With a dedicated staff in the Secretariat, Hydrogen Europe offers a variety of services to its members and works closely with EU institutions. Through Hydrogen Europe, you

  • Are part of the strongest hydrogen and fuel cell network,
  • Are able to shape strategic objectives, priorities and governance for the EU’s hydrogen plans,
  • Get exclusive access to industry knowledge & business intelligence, information on EU and global development and stay up to date about relevant activities in the sector,
  • Can join tailored Working Groups, Technical Committees, workshops and webinars,
  • Have access to unique platforms, events and networking opportunities within the hydrogen and fuel cell sector.
  • Can benefit from tailor-made communication and advocacy programme vis-à-vis EU institutions, key decision makers and other stakeholders.
  • Can network with potential business and project partners and interact with decision makers and stakeholders covering the whole supply chain at EU level.

By joining Hydrogen Europe, the members:

  • Support and aim to achieve the climate targets of the Paris Agreement and improve air quality.
  • Recognise hydrogen as a net zero emission society enabler.
  • Support hydrogen as a clean energy carrier and feedstock to achieve the transition to net zero emission in the power, gas, heating and cooling, industry and transport sectors, enabling sectoral integration.
  • Respect that hydrogen can be produced in many ways.
  • Support the different carbon free/neutral hydrogen production pathways in order to enable a zero-emission society.
  • Aim to act together to enable the energy transition through hydrogen and fuel cells technologies and develop a strong European fuel cells and hydrogen industry.

Jobs openings


Technical Officer – Maritime & Aviation – deadline 24.09.2021

Junior Policy Officer – ongoing

Policy Intern – ongoing

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