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Advocacy Task Force

The Advocacy Task Force (ATF) is composed of Hydrogen Europe Industry member companies and national/regional associations and spearheaded by the Secretary General with the support of the Secretariat team.

Key objectives of the ATF include:

  • Support practical delivery on agreed advocacy priorities and annual action plans - track progress, ensure focus and provide advice on the most impactful actions as well as any updates/adaptations required.
  • Provide technical expertise (steering/advising/reviewing/inputting) into regulatory and political activities of interest for Hydrogen Europe such as:
    • Participation in EC / other consultations
    • Definition and preparation of position papers
    • Input into briefings for meetings/events/workshops
  • The main focus of the ATF will be at EU level; regional or national level issues raised by members and/or other parties will be assessed on ad-hoc basis depending on their relevance for the broader