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About us

Hydrogen Europe Research

Hydrogen Europe Research is the research grouping of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, a unique public private partnership supporting research, technological development and demonstration (RTD) activities in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe. Gathering 91 research institutions (universities and research centres), we support and promote research interests in the FCH JU and create a framework for cooperation of science and industry in Europe.

On May 6th 2014, the Council of the European Union formally agreed to continue the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative under the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Program. The programme (2014-20) has a total budget of €1.33 billion provided on a matched basis between the EU represented by the European Commission, the European Industry and Research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, support and accelerate the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technology by aligning the European R&D community and providing a stronghold for cooperation with industry increasing the impact of research in the sustainable shift to the clean technologies.

What we do

The Association pursues its objective inter alia by conducting the following activities in the field:

  • providing expertise and advice to the stakeholders, e.g. industrial companies, the European Community and its Member States, including the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Stakeholder Forum, about the results and needs of European research, and how this research can contribute to the acceleration of the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technology;
  • actively participating as a member in the decision process of the Joint Undertaking, in particular through Governing Board, its highest decision making organ, or any other committees by electing from among its members representatives for such purpose and defining positions of the research community;
  • reaching a better gathering of the above-mentioned research community by mapping existing research competences, facilities and expertise and maintaining a respective knowledge base for its Members and third parties;
  • formulating joint views on existing and future needs on research infrastructures and programmes; special attention is drawn to the interrelation and cooperation along upstream, basic and applied research, with the support of national and European programmes;
  • issuing any other coordinated positions of the research community and representation of the interests of its Members as research organisations and the research community in general towards third parties.


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