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Cross cutting

In regular exchange with members, The Working Group on Cross- Cutting Research Activities addresses the coordination and support actions, but also research topics common for both stationary and transport applications and supporting the commercialization of FCH technologies:

  • Education and teaching on FC&H2 technologies
  • Safety, recycling and pre-normative research
  • Public awareness, market monitoring and technology deployment strategies

First Coordinator and Point of Contact
Olaf Jedicke

Second Coordinator
Javier Dufour

The current Members of the Working Group are:

Name Organization
Diego Cazorla University of Alicante
Fernando Isorna INTA
Gareth Hinds NPL
Giovanni Cinti University of Perugia
Guillermo Figueruelo Aragon Hydrogen Foundation
Ioan Iordache ICIT
Jari Ihonen VTT
Jari Kiviaho VTT
José Cambra Universtiy of Basque Country
Margherita Russo UniMore
María Jaén Caparrós CNH2
Massimo Viviani CNR
Mauricio Camargo University of Lorraine
Paolo Piccardo University of Genoa
Pierluigi Leone Politecnico di Torino
Robert Steinberger-Wilckens University of Bermingham
Suha Yazici Tubitak
Taia Kronborg CEA
Till Bachmann EIFER
Vincenzo Antonucci CNR
Vincenzo Liso Aalborg University
Vladimir Molkov University of Ulster
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