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The members of Hydrogen Europe Research participate in the preparation of the FCH JU multi-annual and annual priorities and have the unique possibility to shape the focus of the programme and cooperate with Industry in this task. The members of the research and industry community draft the Annual Work Plans which translate into the Call texts. This is a great opportunity for any entity in the sector willing to have an impact on the FCH development across Europe. Additionally, Hydrogen Europe Research works to secure regulatory and funding support for FCH technologies in Europe. Every year we provide a networking platform for our members by organizing events related to the FCH JU Programme and offering a priviliged access to first-hand information.
The procedure of obtaining Hydrogen Europe Research membership starts with the submission of the formal application per e-mail (the original can follow). The application will be processed by the Executive Board of Hydrogen Europe Research and after that the next coming General Assembly will vote on accepting the application. At the General Assembly, before the voting, the candidates normally deliver a short presentation of their organization in person.

The benefits received by the organization upon entering Hydrogen Europe Research are listed in detail in the Article 5 of the Internal Rules:

“Members of the Association will benefit in particular from:

  • Fulfilment of the eligibility criteria of Membership in the FCH JU Calls for proposals
  • Participation in the FCH JU working groups, e.g on Multi-Annual Working Program 2014-2020 (hereinafter MAWP), Annual Working Programs (hereinafter AWPs)
  • Early (to the extent possible) access to information about the planning of priorities of the FCH JU Programme, including more specific annual call topics details
  • Organisational and coordination support for joint events, workshops and conferences in the FCH sector
  • Use of Association´s information channels, especially Website and mailing lists for information dissemination
  • Use of information services provided by the Secretariat
  • Platform for networking with other research organizations as well as industrial partners with priority access to FCH JU events or those sponsored by it.”

The current yearly membership fee is €4.500. Hydrogen Europe Research is a non-profit association; financial contributions of members are used for maintaining the Secretariat, organizing Executive Boards Meetings, General Assemblies and Brokerage events, as well as paying regular fees to the Program Office).

Please note: if you have already contributed to the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) in previous years and paid the Project Contribution (PC), we will be able to account it towards your first annual Hydrogen Europe Research membership fee.

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