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BAS - Bulgarian Academy of Science

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is the biggest national research organization, which comprises 41 research institutes, united in nine research fields. One of them is “Energy Resources and Energy Efficiency” with priority development and transformation of the Bulgarian energy sector towards low carbon technologies and increased energy efficiency. Currently in Bulgaria there are more than 1000 MW installed wind and solar energy plants. About 100 researchers in BAS are involved in activities related to fuel cells and hydrogen. They are performed in 80 laboratories distributed in 5 Institutes: Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Institute for Polymers, Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry.

General information


| BG, 10 Acad. G. Bonchev St., 1113 Sofia


Activities in value chain

Projects involved in

Project name SubProject Title Country Budget

Sub project 1

ENhanced DURability materials for Advanced stacks of New solid oxide fuel CElls

Italy 4.256.294 €

Sub project 1

Identification of legal rules and administrative processes applicable to Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies’ deployment, identification of legal barriers and advocacy towards their removal.

Belgium 1.143.000 €

Sub project 1

Novel Education and Training Tools based on digital applications related to Hydrogen and Fuel CellTechnology

Germany 1.596.008 €

HArnessing Degradation mechanisms to prescribe Accelerated Stress Tests for the Realization of SOC lifetime prediction Algorithms

3.008.426 €

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