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INEA is the leading company in Slovenia in the field of energy management solutions, industrial automation, process computer control and manufacturing informatics.

INEA was founded in 1987 and is now a SME with 50+ highly educated employees. INEA develops, installs and supports industrial and residential energy management and control systems. Its major interests lie in the areas of efficient energy use, combined heat and power (CHP) implementation and development and implementation of energy monitoring and targeting systems. INEA’s experts are active in research projects in the fields of smart grid solutions, advanced control technologies and fuel cells and hydrogen technologies.

INEA's relevant experiences include those with peak-demand levelling, load shedding, process scheduling and the use of internal power generation facilities in the field of electricity and heat management. More than 50 Demand Response Management systems have been implemented and installed in various industries with total installed power of 250 MW, generating in total 35 MW demand response.

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Sub project 1

Diagnosis-aided control for SOFC power systems

Netherlands 3.613.490 €

Sub project 1

Mass manufacture of MEAs using high speed deposition processes

Our events 3.189.816 €

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