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Ukrainian Hydrogen Council

Ukrainian Hydrogen Council

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Council is the first hydrogen energy association of leading energy, industrial and public companies of Ukraine joined by common effort and understanding of the necessity of: integration of modern renewable energy technologies into the Ukrainian economic model, modernization of the energy complex of Ukraine and implementation of stable development for the global transition to renewable hydrogen energy resources.


The main aims of program of the Council "HYDROGEN TO UKRAINE"

  1. Interaction with the international energy and information organizations to involve the energy complex of Ukrainian in the modern global energy dialogue. Organization of the international energy forums and summits.
  2. Presentation and support of existing hydrogen energy technologies in Ukraine and the world.
  3. Attraction of investments to Ukrainian and the international hydrogen energy projects.
  4. Modernization of the legal environment in Ukraine and integration of legislative norms into international energy standards.
  5. To make renewable and hydrogen energy technologies available to communities through the support of energy saving programs and energy decentralization.

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| OFE, Lavrska St 16, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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Alexandr Diachenko ,+380679979755

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