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Research and Innovation

Hydrogen Europe has developed the following 20 Technology Roadmaps:

1. Low carbon hydrogen production

  • Electrolysis
  • Other modes of hydrogen production

2. Hydrogen production enables increased renewables

  • Role of electrolysis in energy system
  • Large scale hydrogen storage

3. Hydrogen is delivered at low cost

  • Key technologies for distribution
  • Transport of hydrogen by road, ship etc
  • Transport and storage in liquid carriers

4. Affordable hydrogen is dispensed to transport applications

  • Hydrogen refuelling stations

5. Fuel cell vehicles (road, rail, ship) are competitively priced

  • Technology Building Blocks
  • Cars, 2-3 wheelers, vans
  • Buses & coaches
  • Trucks
  • Material handling
  • Rail
  • Maritime
  • Aviation

6. Hydrogen meets demands for heat and power

  • Hydrogen in the gas grid
  • Stationary fuel cells
  • Domestic and Commercial Burners

7. Hydrogen decarbonises industry

  • Hydrogen in industry

8. Horizontal activities support the development of hydrogen

  • Supply chains & other cross cutting issues


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