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Transport innovation

In regular exchange with members, the Working Group for the Transport Pillar deals with the following topics:

  • Road vehicles propulsion (passenger cars, buses, vans, two wheelers)
  • Non-road vehicles propulsion (material handling/off-road machinery, ships, trains, airplanes)
  • Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure
  • Auxiliary Power Units in various applications (road vehicles, ships, trains, airplanes)

First Coordinator and Point of Contact
Steffen Møller-Holst

Second Coordinator
Thierry Priem

The current Working Group members are:

Name Organization
Alberto Garcia Tecnalia
Alexander Dyck DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems
András Tompos RCNS
Andreas Kaspar Friedrich DLR
Andreu Cabot IREC
Arul Murugan NPL
Carlos Fúnez CNH2
Christian Beauger M.I.N.E.S.
David Colomar EIFER
Deborah Jones CNRS
Diego Embid Aragon Hydrogen Foundation
Dimitrios Zarvalis CPERI/CERTH
Dmitriy Makarov Ulster University
Emilio Lorenzani UniMore
Felix Büchi PSI
Giuseppe Spoto University of Turin
Jari Ihonen VTT
José Miguel Martín-Martínez University of Alicante
Klaus Taube HZG
Laura Andaloro CNR
Linda Barelli University of Perugia
Ludwig Jörissen ZSW
Marco Sorrentino University of Salerno
Mario Conte ENEA
Mihai Varlam ICIT
Øystein Ulleberg IFE
Pilar Argumosa INTA
Ralf Peters FZJ
Severine Ramousse DTU
Stelios Neophytides FORTH/ICE-HAT
Taia Kronborg CEA
Tanja Kallio Aalto University
Thierry Boileau University of Lorraine
Thomas Lamberti University of Genoa
Vincenzo Liso Aalborg University
Xiao Guo UKERC
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