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HyMove B.V.


HyMove manufactures top quality hydrogen fuel cell systems for use as range extenders in electric buses, heavy duty vehicles and stationary power modules.

The HyMove hydrogen fuel cell range extenders (H2FC-RE) are sizable and can add an extra 100 to 500 km to the range of an electrical (city) bus.


HyMove H2FC systems meet industrial standards regarding quality, durability and fitness for purpose. The H2FC systems are automotive certified and can be build in any make electric bus.

Certification: EC 79/2009, EC 406/2010.


HyMove has the policy to build to the highest quality standard, working with the best available components of top industrial suppliers. HyMove is the most experienced in the Netherlands in building H2FC systems.

The result is accordingly: H2FC systems with unique properties:

  • extremely energy efficent
  • long life cycle
  • long maintenance interval
  • cost efficient
  • flexible configuration

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