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PERSEE (Processes, Renewable Energy and Energy Systems, 40-45 people) is a Joint Research Unit between MINES ParisTech (French engineering school) and ARMINES (non-profit organization), devoted to New Energy Technologies and Renewable Energies (Materials for energy, Energy storage and conversion, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells).

One of the 18 research centers of MINES ParisTech, PERSEE is located at Sophia Antipolis, the science park of the French Riviera.

PERSEE is part of different French networks: CARNOT M.I.N.E.S., IMT (Institut MINES Telecom), ParisTech and PSL Research University.

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| FR, 1, rue Claude Daunesse CS-10207-06904 Sophia Antipolis


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Activities in value chain

Projects involved in

Project name SubProject Title Country Budget

Sub project 1

Evolved materials and innovative design for high-performance, durable and reliable SOFC cell and stack

Germany 5.711.232 €

Sub project 1

Enhanced Design Requirements and Testing Procedures for Composite Cylinders intended for the Safe Storage of Hydrogen

France 3.642.153 €

Sub project 1

Development of advanced catalysts for PEMFC automotive applications

France 4.394.331 €

Sub project 1

High Pressure Hydrogen All Electrochemical Decentralized RefUeling Station

Netherlands 6.309.832 €

Sub project 1

Novel modular stack design for high pressure PEM water electrolyzer technology with wide operation range and reduced cost

Our events 1.999.089 €

PEMFC based on platinum Group metAl free StrUctured cathodeS

Our events 2.829.017 €

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