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Port of Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam stretches over an area of about 42 kilometres, from the heart of the city to the North Sea. Many docks are so deep that they can accommodate even the largest vessels with a draught of up to 24 metres, eliminating the need to pass through locks and allowing the vessels to moor quickly at the quay. Rotterdam is more than just a transit port. Numerous goods are processed into other products here. From the refining of oil to the production of plastics, from the unpacking of containers to the packaging of fruit into the quantities required by wholesalers, and so on. The goods and services produced in the port and industrial area have a total added value of approximately 45.6 billion euros annually. 385,000 people work in and around the port. The port also generates revenue in another way: every year, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, which operates the port, passes on almost 100 million euros in dividend to its shareholders, the City of Rotterdam and the Dutch State.

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