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Energy is at the heart of human activity, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. It is also the real economic motor of our society. In the last century, there was a belief that our energy needs would be met by the marriage of abundant petroleum and an irrational nuclear scientism. Reality has inexorably caught up with us; finite fossil fuels have passed their peak, they are more and more expensive, and we are at last becoming conscious of the disastrous environmental effects their uncontrolled exploitation is having on our planet and ourselves.

Energy transition is thus an absolute necessity. It must be based on real sustainable resources, both clean and renewable. Wind, solar, and to a lesser extent water, are the only primary sources of clean and renewable energy. And electricity is the best vector with which these sources can be used ubiquitously. Electricity as a vector is flexible, and easily applied, but has one major inconvenience: efficient high volume storage.

Another energy vector exists that doesn’t have the inconvenience of electricity, works well in synergy with it, and has a very high energy density: hydrogen. Useable as a solid, gas or liquid it can serve as an energy store via water electrolysis and fuel cell technology. H2 is the most abundant molecule in the universe. It is present in water, hydrocarbons and other gases, and in our earths atmosphere in abundance! Today these sources are unused. Hydrogen can also be produced by specific bacteria in waste or seawater, collected as biogas from biomass decomposition, or produced by photo-catalyze etc. Hydrogen can play a decisive role in our energy transition, and is probably the most promising vector for the decades to come.

Seiya Consulting was created with the desire to assist policy and decision makers in understanding and acting on the hydrogen issue. With a core of senior experts and consultants, Seiya Consulting has developed a pan European network of specialists in hydrogen energy and fuel cell applications. Seiya Consulting offers hydrogen sector strategy and finance model advice, technology and economic updates and innovation research.

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