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VERBUND is Austria's leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe. Close to 100% of our electricity generation comes from climate friendly, renewable hydropower.

Ever since its founding as Österreichische Elektrizitätswirtschafts-AG in 1947, VERBUND has been co-shaping the future of energy: Even back then we set our sights on hydropower and, hence, renewable energy sources. Today, after more than seventy years, VERBUND is Austria’s largest and climate-friendliest electricity producer. Close to 100% of our electricity is generated from hydropower, supplemented by wind and thermal power. 

Our hydropower plants are highly efficient (pumped) storage power plants located in the Austrian Alps, and run-of-river plants situated on all major rivers in Austria. Since 2009, VERBUND has also been operating power plants in Bavaria. A careful handling of the resource of water is of utmost importance. Hydroelectricity is a valuable commodity, in which we intend to continue investing wisely in the future.

VERBUND is active in all steps of the value creation ladder: From electricity generation to electricity transmission to trading and sales. We are permanently working at innovative and sustainable solutions for customers in the private and business sectors in order to be able to react to changes.

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