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24 Nov.2020

ECH2A : next steps

The European Commission has reviewed the initial calendar to take into account the delays incurred by the roundtables. In principle the lists of members of the roundtables will be published by the end of this week on DG Grow website, and their works are expected to be organised along the following indicative timeline:


  • December : First Sherpa meetings of the roundtables

  • Beginning 2021 : First roundtable meetings with CEOs

  • 25-27 February 2021 : Presentation of the draft pipeline of investment projects (until 2024) at the European Industry Days


The program of the Hydrogen Forum foreseen end of this week has therefore been adapted accordingly :

  • Panel debate with 6 CEOS moderated by Commissioner Breton (Thursday 26 November, 12:25 – 13:25) : instead of presenting the formally elected co-chairs of the roundtables as initially foreseen, the European Commission will invite 6 CEOs to provide their views and expected contributions to the Alliance. The choice has been made responding to several criteria (gender balance, geographical balance and representation of the hydrogen value chain) and is not be linked to their future role in the roundtables.

  • Roundtable sessions (Friday 27 November -Project Day- , 13:00 – 14:00) : instead of the CEOs roundtables initially foreseen, there will be a single session with the European Commission and the associations supporting the roundtables of the Alliance : Hydrogen Europe, Wind Europe, ENTSOG, CEFIC, ACEA, Solar Power Europe and EHI. The associations will give an overview of the challenges linked to the investment agenda, the pipeline of projects and the enabling conditions. An exchange on the expectations of the stakeholders will close the session.


Concerning the projects that you submitted to DG Grow call for the Project Day of the 27 November, DG Grow and the FCH JU and are expected to finish their selection shortly.


Finally, please note that the governance of the roundtables is still an open issue. The European Commission is considering having 3 co-chairs per roundtable (categories of stakeholders represented to be clarified), and setting a mixed system of proposal by the EC and election by the roundtables. This question, together with the main lines of the working process of the Alliance roundtables, will in principle be addressed in the coming days.