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14 Jul.2020

HYZON Motors Inc. opens Europe’s first dedicated Hydrogen Truck production facility in the Netherlands

HYZON Motors announces the launch of HYZON Motors Europe B.V., its new European headquarters
and manufacturing center based in Groningen, the Netherlands. HYZON Motors expects to ship hundreds of fuel cell heavy vehicles by the end of 2021.

Expanding rapidly around the globe, HYZON’s European announcement follows HYZON’s re-launch of the former General Motors’ fuel cell facility in New York and the commencement of HYZON operations in Australia. There is currently a very strong appetite for transitioning high utilization commercial vehicles off diesel in the interests of decolonization. Joining forces across continents, US-headquartered HYZON Motors Inc, and Holthausen Clean Technology B.V. have teamed up to offer high quality, locally built zero emission commercial vehicles that meet European standards, reduce supply chain interdependencies, and create
new local jobs in environmentally sustainable industries.

European Union countries and major European corporations are increasingly seeking solutions to the challenge of reducing carbon footprint, with diesel-powered heavy trucking being a significant contributor to carbon emissions. Such diesel engines are also the major HYZON Motors Inc cause of harmful particulate emissions in densely populated urban areas, and are being progressively banned from busy cities.


With mature high-power fuel cell powertrain technology and the leading fuel cell vehicle integration experience in Europe, Hyzon Motors Europe is offering zero emission buses and trucks with no operational compromises, and the option of all-inclusive operating leases for fleet operators. The Groningen facility is already shipping Hydrogen powered heavy vehicles and has started taking orders for delivery across the continent.


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