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10 Dec.2020

Press release: HE’s feedback on the EC’s strategy for a Sustainable and Smart Mobility

Hydrogen Europe’s feedback on the publication of the European Commission’s strategy for a Sustainable and Smart Mobility


Hydrogen Europe welcomes today’s publication of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy as an ambitious roadmap for achieving at least a 90% reduction in the transport sector emissions by 2050. The transport sector is the backbone of our society. It faces numerous challenges: growing traffic, rising greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, in particular from sectors that are hard to electrify, such as heavy-duty transport, aviation and maritime. In these sectors, hydrogen technologies have a major role to play in achieving the Green Deal objectives.


We highly appreciate the holistic approach taken in the Communication together with the technology-neutral approach, which envisages the decarbonisation of all means of transport and highlights the role that hydrogen and hydrogen-made fuels are expected to play. To this end, it is of utmost importance that the efficiency of the whole system is considered when prioritising the choice of suitable alternative technologies.


We welcome the establishment of targets for zero-emission cars and lorries as well as targets for hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS), together with charging points. At the same time, we believe that the target for lorries and HRS could be higher. The hydrogen sector foresees up to 100,000 hydrogen-powered trucks by 2030 and 1,500 stations. We would welcome a review of these figures.


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