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19 Nov.2020

Press release: Hydrogen Europe reaction to the publication of the European Commission’s Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy

Hydrogen Europe welcomes today’s publication of the Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy. Achieving climate neutrality in 2050 will require a massive scaling up of renewable energy. Renewable energy and hydrogen are the fundamental and interdependent building blocks to make the European energy system climate neutral. Renewable power producers need hydrogen to grow their business models, and the hydrogen industry needs additional renewable energy capacities to scale up the technology, reduce costs and multiply its uses.


As such, Hydrogen Europe advocates for the development of ‘HydroGenewables’. The hydrogen produced with electrolysers from wind energy will not only balance the power grid as a buffer that stores renewable energy; furthermore, the so-called HydroGenewables will become a new commodity that can be used as a feedstock for industry, fuel for mobility and as an energy carrier. However, hydrogen will only be able to play its bridging role with offshore renewables if the appropriate transport and distribution infrastructure is there to allow for its deployment. In this respect, the Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy needs to be thought of in consistency with the revisions of the TEN-E Regulation and the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP).


Full press release

Hydrogen Europe Response to Public Consultation Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy