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Project WindGas Falkenhagen

Project subtitle

First MW-scale Power-to-Gas project

In Falkenhagen in the state of Brandenburg (Prignitz), Uniper Energy Storage has constructed the world’s first demonstration plant for storing wind energy in the natural gas grid. The plant stores electricity generated by wind turbines. Around 360 Nm³/h of hydrogen is generated by means of electrolysis and fed via a 1.6 km hydrogen pipeline into the gas grid operated by ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH. In this way, the energy is available to the electricity, heating, mobility and industrial market as and when required, just like normal natural gas. Alkaline electrolysis is a tried-and-tested method and, in the first year of operation, more than 2 million kWh of hydrogen (“WindGas”) were fed into the grid up to July 2014. This pilot phase is designed as a means of gaining technical, economic and administrative experience for the technology’s commercial application.

Project Information

Type of project : Demonstration

Timing : 01/08/2013 > 01/08/2016


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Hydrogenics Europe

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Power-to-Gas phase I (direct injection)


Tannenkoppelweg 16928 Pritzwalk

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Project Id: 1248

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